The Merchant Application Review

While we attempt to approve every merchant, we are unable to approve all applications. Please review this list of the most common reasons we’re unable to approve a merchant before you continue with the application process.

1) Outstanding financial obligations including liens, judgments, and bankruptcy within the last 2 years.

2) Business license and/or trade license inactive, not in good standing, or revoked.

3) Felony criminal record within last 20 years

4) Misdemeanor Fraud or Theft within the last 20 years

5) Current/active lawsuits or litigation

6) Time in business is at least 1 year for home improvement. 6 month minimum in Healthcare. No minimum time in business for Retail/Ecommerce and Coaching/Consulting.

7) Credit Score. A soft credit check will take place after submission of the merchant application. The average Transunion FICO credit score of the owners must be 620 or higher. If only one owner, his or her Transunion FICO score must be 620 or higher.